The Judges Are All Brunos


"Bethenny": Not only does David Arquette have a new tattoo of Wonder Woman, but he's got a new Hollywood club that's named after a woman! Hmm… do you think there's a void he's trying to fill?

"GDLA": Today's "Good Day LA" featuring my parody video was a pretty great show! But tomorrow's going to be a really great show — because I'll be on live! Be sure to tune in around 9:15am! Love ya, "GDLA"!

"Today": Emmylou Harris runs a dog rescue operation out of her own backyard?!? Sigh... one more reason to love her. Can she just run for President? Or, like, run for Mom?

"Live! with Kelly": Sure, Carrie-Ann Inaba is fun and bubbly and spontaneous and all, but so is Kelly Ripa. So whenever she co-hosts with Kelly, I feel kinda like I'm watching "Live! With Kelly and Kelly". Which may be too much of a good thing. It'd be like watching "Dancing With the Stars", but the judges are all Brunos. (Shirts would be flying everywhere...)

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