Jordan Knight Riding A Pony And Dangling Keys To A BMW!


"Ellen": You guys, was Kristen Bell adorable, or what? And don't make fun -- I'd totally lose it like that too, if I got surprised with my lifelong girlhood dream birthday gift. Except, instead of a sloth, it'd be Jordan Knight riding a pony and dangling keys to a BMW! Or, yeah, sure, a sloth, but he'd be hanging from a tree made of a million dollars. So, y'know, either one, Ellen!

"Today": I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is insanely excited about the return of Ferris Bueller! Granted, it may only be in a Honda commercial but Kathie Lee, Hoda and I are pumped up! Although I'm a little disappointed to see that Cameron is nowhere to be found in the ad, cuz you gotta love Cam. And I also haven't seen any cheesy lip sync scenes with that song "Danke Schoen" which was like my favorite part of that whole movie! Looks like I'll just have to reenact that in my mirror at home... again!

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm pretty sure that Billy just invited all of us to his Super Bowl party in Indianapolis! He and some friends will be hanging in an RV right across from the stadium, so I guess just keep an eye out for the guy wearing red pants or something else goofy looking. I for one wouldn't miss it for the world, so you can't count on me to be there with a nice veggie tray and some 7-layer dip!

"Live! with Kelly": I guess watching Daniel Potter, I mean Harry Radcliffe, I mean... well, you know who I mean... I guess they thought watching him read transcripts of last night's "The Bachelor" with Kelly Ripa (who's old enough to be his Ms. McGonagall) was supposed to be funny and charming -- but in the end, it came off way less Gryffin-dorable, and way, way more Slitherin'. In fact, the whole thing seemed a little Weasley.

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