Jon Stewart Gets a Visit From Brian Williams While Making Fun of His On-Air Fire Alarm

The Set

The big news yesterday was the fire alarm that went off during almost all of Tuesday evening's live broadcast of NBC's "Nightly News with Brian Williams." Last night at the end of "Nightly," Williams apologized to viewers and thanked everyone who wrote in with concern for his well-being, saying he was "trying to find the guy" responsible. Now, we know that even before BriWi joked about the fire alarm catastrophe on his show, he'd already taped a surprise segment at "The Daily Show" in which he interrupted Jon Stewart's ridiculing rant of the incident with a bullhorn "fire alarm" of his own.

After Stewart did three minutes of jabs at Williams, highlighting his deceptively affable smile throughout ("That's the I'm gonna f***ing kill someone smile. I've seen that smile.") and calling the alarm  "NBC News' worst mid-broadcast calamity since that alpaca attacked Tom Brokaw" (complete with Stewart's surprisingly okay Brokaw impression), an alarm went off just after he started calling the "Nightly" audience old ("It's like a Centrum Silver delivery system.") That was the cue for Jon to run to the kitchen, where BriWi himself waited for him with an air horn. Shouldn't Williams still be searching for the guy who let the fire alarm go off in the studio in the first place?