‘Jersey Shore’: We Get the Season Finale Scoop from Sammi, Vinny, and Deena

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Sammi, Vinny, and Deena dish on this week's finale (MTV)
Sammi, Vinny, and Deena dish on this week's finale (MTV)

Ciao, Italia: The "Jersey Shore" crew packs up to leave Italy this week as MTV's smash reality hit wraps up its fourth season. But before they hightail it back to good old Joisey, our favorite guidos and guidettes manage to squeeze in a few more laughs (and a lot more drama) on Thursday night's season finale. We chatted with "Shore" stars Sammi, Vinny, and Deena to get the inside scoop on the finale -- and a sneak peek at what's on tap for next season.

After spending all season clubbing and fighting, the roommates decide to get a little Italian culture this week by taking a guided tour of Florence's art and architecture. "Our last couple days in Italy, we got to travel around and see Italy for what it is," Sammi says. But don't worry, this isn't exactly PBS; Team Meatball's idea of art appreciation is admiring the rear end on Michelangelo's "David." (That bod of his would make him a real hit at Karma, we're guessing.)

The girls learn to appreciate Italian sculpture in this season finale clip:

Of course, there's in-house conflict to resolve this week, too: namely, the rest of the roommates finally getting fed up with The Situation and his dumb antics. "You're really gonna see people get frustrated with him, because we've just had enough of it," Sammi says. Vinny agrees, saying Mike has "always been a little bit of a villain. He likes that role... and now it's all coming back in his face." But Deena says Mike will always be a part of the "Shore" family: "As much as we all hate him, we still love him... he's like the brother that we all needed a little space from."

Mike tells Snooki he might not join them back in Jersey in this season finale clip:

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Considering all the drama that went down this season (and how ready they all seemed to go home), we weren't sure the roommates even enjoyed their Italian adventure. "We loved Italy," Sammi insists, "but by the end, we were all extremely homesick and ready to go home." Vinny will always cherish getting the chance to visit his relatives in Sicily, though. He calls the Sicily trip "probably one of the highlights of my life... I'm only the second grandchild out of 50 to go there, so it was a proud moment."

One welcome change this season: We got a break from the usual Ron-and-Sam relationship drama. Sammi admits their peaceful co-existence was a "new twist," but don't expect the Ron-Sam rollercoaster to end anytime soon. "You know how me and Ron are: One day we're together, one day we're not." (Yes, Sam, we know -- all too well.) Meanwhile, Deena says she left her crush on Pauly D back in Italy: "I was just so homesick, I was confusing the friendship we have with real feelings. But once we got back to Jersey, that kind of disappeared."

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And don't look for any grand romance between Snooki and Vinny: He says that all their hookups are "just kind of a freak thing that happens... We'll always remain friends, but there's no real physical or emotional connection there." (Um, we think Snooki might beg to differ on the "physical" side of that, Vin.) Meanwhile, he and Pauly are keeping their bromance alive, even when the cameras aren't rolling. "We both travel a lot, but whenever we can bump into each other, we always make it a point to chill together. We still keep in touch; we talk every day."

So what can we expect when the gang returns to the spray-tanned paradise that is Seaside Heights next season? Vinny says their return to Jersey was "like us being re-released into the wild. It's like a big homecoming." Deena adds that as soon as they got back, "we got our nails done, our hair done, got a tan..." (Ah, priorities.)

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But Season 5 started filming immediately after they returned home from Italy, and the hectic schedule took a toll on some of the roommates; Vinny and Mike both leave the house at different points next season. Vinny admits shooting two seasons back-to-back was "extremely tough" on him, and "it was time for me to take a break." (He comes back to finish Season 5, though.) Deena understands: "We were filming for four months straight, and for some people, it was hard to handle, and they dealt with it in their own way."

MTV hasn't announced any plans for "Shore" beyond next season, but the girls sound ready to ride this train until it stops. How long do they see themselves doing the show? "Forever," Deena says, with Sammi adding, "As long as they want us to." Vinny's trying to launch an acting career, though (he'll guest star as a poker-playing celebrity on "90210" next month), so he's not so sure about "forever." "Everybody wants to do different things," he says. "But 'Jersey Shore' is what made us, so we always have to pay respect to that, and see it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. But I don't know... we could be in a nursing home filming this. [Laughs] Who knows?"

The season finale of "Jersey Shore" airs Thursday, 10/20 at 10pm on MTV.

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