Jenna Lyons on the One Thing She Wouldn't Do in Her Girls Cameo

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by Maura Brannigan

Jenna Lyons
Jenna Lyons

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Last night, Jenna Lyons made her much-anticipated, snarkily chic premiere as Hannah's boss in the sixth episode of Girls' Season 3. Following a month of speculation, the iconic J.Crew president and creative director played an editor at GQ Magazine, a job which Hannah holds-and refreshingly, seems to succeed at-despite it not being her ideal place of employment. By now, we've all watched and rewatched the show's Season 3 trailer enough times to know Jenna says to Hannah, "I see you've found the snack room," a wonderfully snide comment which happens to be reflected in the title of the episode: "Free Snacks."

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With two episodes including Jenna's guest-starring role still to come, we're starting to wonder what Lena Dunham-the show's writer and star-has in store for this straight-talking GQ editrix. But one thing's for sure: She will most definitely be keeping her clothes on, unlike a majority of the show's major characters.

"I did actually see the script beforehand. I may have been a little bold in my reply with the 'yes' [that] I would do it right away, but I did actually see the script. Again, Lena is incredibly respectful of others," Jenna told our friends at The Cut this week. "I know she would never have asked me to do something like that because she's just no that kind of person, she's not provocative in that way. She's provocative about subjects she feels she can talk about, but she's not looking to force anyone into a provocative conversation."

While this is Jenna's first legitimate acting role, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw her on TV again in the future-especially if that means working with Lena once again. "I think what's even more incredible, and what you can't possibly even imagine, is there's the script and the dialogue, but I have never seen [it] before and I have no experience with being on a set, but Lena doesn't say the same thing twice," Jenna said in the same interview. "She comes in and every time her take is completely different. One minute she's coming in and she's talking about chinchillas, the next minute she's talking about The Shackeltons. Every time her references are deep and wide and vast, and they are on rapid fire. Never does she come in and do the take exactly the same."

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