Jenna Bush’s First Daughter


Today”: An interesting story on just asked a good question: "can you eat 23 bowls of Soba noodles"? Hmm, in fact, that's a great question. And... I'm back. The answer is yes. Absolutely. But I feel a little dizzy and lethargic. Next question?

GDNY”: The only thing better than going on a show to talk about my own show where I talk about other shows, is making Greg Kelly blush in the process! He and Rosanna were so nice, I'm glad I finally got to meet them. Now hopefully they'll try even harder to provide great material for "Daytime in No Time"!

Wendy Williams”: Every time I go on this show I get more and more comfortable, which is a testament to how great Wendy is! Before you know it, I'll be the one pulling notes out of my wig and asking the crowd how they're doing! Actually, that will never happen, but as long as she keeps having me on to discuss Hot Topics, I'll be one happy lady!

GMA”: Okay, so you guys all saw those CGI butterflies flying all over the screen too, right? It wasn't just me? Good. I was beginning to think I was hallucinating from eating all those soba noodles. I hope tomorrow it's CGI bunnies. Or baby chicks! Because nothing says "number one in Morning News" like CGI baby chicks.

Live!”: Joan Rivers, you are still on top of your game, and you had yet another audience in stitches today on “LIVE.” You're a national treasure; bless you, Joan. Or, at least, bless the remaining parts of you that aren't man made. So, bless your left food, and part of your right eyelid!

The View”: Sending out some love out to fellow Yahoo! and host of "The Daily Shot" Ali Wentworth! We represented on the daytime talk show circuit today, and there's only one thing I can say about that. Yahoo!

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