Jedward Post Previews Of Sure-To-Be-World-Dominating Album ‘Young Love’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"X Factor U.K." wondertwins Jedward, aka Ireland's John and Edward Grimes, may have tragically lost Eurovision this weekend, but they're still winners to me and to millions of other devoted Jedheads. So the double divas of Dublin have wasted no time in moving on with their (only temporarily thwarted plans) for world domination, posting a big pot of pop gold on YouTube--in the form of seven previews from their forthcoming third (yes, THIRD) album, Young Love.

Listening to the clips (which include their Eurovision entry, "Waterline"), I seriously think it's time for Jedward to become Stateside superstars. The music really is as frothy and fluffy and fun as anything that other "X Factor"-spawned boy band, One Direction, has put out--and besides, Jedward have better hair and are way snazzier dressers. They're the perfect pop beasts!

Young Love is out in the United Kingdom and Ireland on June 22. Jedheads, let's start a petition now, to ensure that the album gets a U.S. release...

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