Jay Leno is Completely Right About This Messed-Up New Toilet Paper Commercial

The Set

Jay Leno got EDGY last night when he introduced the segment "What Planet Do These People Live On?" to spotlight a Cottonelle commercial campaign that makes no sense on so many levels. I think this is about as edgy and (heh) "alternative" as Jay Leno gets, actually, and, having seen the commercial before, I found myself actually laughing the laugh of recognition. But even in Jay's seeming 360-degree Cottonelle takedown, he forgot one important reason why this commercial is messed up, which I'll mention after the video:

Jay forgot to mention the commercial's entire premise! Don't most houses come with a thingy on the wall for the toilet paper? Or is Cottonelle saying that their respectful toilet paper cover is intended to protect the dignity of an extra, back-of-the-toilet roll? Maybe Jay can have the advertising geniuses behind this campaign on as guests and ask them the hard questions.