Jason Segel’s ‘SNL’ Appearance: What Did the ‘SNL’ Sketch Predictor Get Right?

The Set

Granted, the "SNL" Sketch Predictor is based on a combination of informed guesswork and pure imagination. But I will still get way too excited when I happen to be right about anything in the show. Below, a celebration of me and the things I accurately predicted — plus a couple of things I should have known to expect.

What I Got Right!

1. and 2. That host Jason Segel would talk about his upcoming movie, "The Muppets," in the monologue, and that Muppets would appear in the sketch, as themselves.

3. and 4. That there would be a sketch about "Live" auditions to replace Regis Philbin, and that at some point during the show, Taran Killam would play Ashton Kutcher.

5., 6. and 7. That the show would address Newt Gingrich's lead in the polls relative to the other Republican Presidential hopefuls...

...Herman Cain's extremely long pause when asked to discuss his position on Libya, and the latest developments in the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests.

8. That Segel would appear in a sketch in drag.

What I Should Have Also Predicted!

1. and 2. That the episode's proximity to Thanksgiving would mean there would be a Thanksgiving sketch about the Vogelcheks, and that Segel's "I Love You, Man" co-star Paul Rudd might make a surprise cameo.

3. That Muppets would appear in multiple sketches.

4. That Segel would do his Andre the Giant impression.


- Emma Stone
- Charlie Day
- Anna Faris