Jaleel White Hates Possums!


"GMA": Congrats to "GMA", for breaking "The Today Show's" 852-straight-week-long ratings streak! There's nothing quite so satisfying as getting even with your archrival, especially after years of humiliation. You hear that, Melanie Zaharoulis? Who's the best baton-twirler in the 3rd grade talent contest NOW?!? HA! Oh… sorry. Got carried away there for a sec.

"Wendy Williams": Wendy wanted to play a joke on Jaleel White, who hates possums, so she hilariously brought out a possum during his interview! And apparently she wanted to play a joke on me who is completely freaked out by people with freakishly long fingernails, so she made the lady with freakishly long fingernails stand up and give a "how you doin'" to the crowd! How am I doing? I'm currently chewing all of my own fingernails off to make sure I never, ever look like that!

"Today": People may laugh at the little girl who claimed her empty cereal bowl was too heavy to put in the sink, but I have to say I like her style! Instead of the too heavy routine I usually go with the glued to the table bit when I don't want to do my dishes. But I wish I had her dedication to the bit, she really knows how to sell it! She's gonna be a really good actress, or at least a great internet host some day!

"Jeremy Kyle": When I watch "The Jeremy Kyle Show", I get very nostalgic. It reminds me of the days of my youth... when my little brother would do something wrong and get in trouble. I would then get to watch the drama unfold as I sat patiently and simply observed. His pacing and nervous energy filled the room and eventually my mom would unravel, and lose her marbles and reprimand him in a way that intimidated my brother to the core. This, brought me sheer pleasure - much like the "JK" show does! Oh the memoires!

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