Jack Black Reveals His Lightning Fingers Aren't Just Good for Playing the Guitar

Yahoo! TV

Funnyman Jack Black takes a dip into paranormal activity as the star of the all-new Yahoo web series "Ghost Ghirls." The comedy follows Heidi and Angelica, a pair of chic mystery-solvers who investigate all sorts of ghoulish happenings. It's horror spun hilariously!

Watch the premiere episode of "Ghost Ghirls":

Black as well as creators Jeremy Konner, Amanda Lund, and Maria Blasucci stopped by Yahoo Studios for a live Twitter chat on Tuesday, Sept. 10 to answer fan questions. During the chat, the "School of Rock" star gave us the latest on Tenacious D, revealed his lesser-known talent, and even shared the role he wishes he could play (hint: it's a villain!).

We think Black would nail his dream scary movie role:

And although he doesn't think he ever would, Black would kill to portray this cannibalistic baddie on the big screen:

Aside from comedy, Black's got a secret skill we weren't expecting:

Multiple inquiring minds were curious about Black's famed musical side project, Tenacious D:

One user wondered about Black's Hollywood heroes:

And Black's choice ghost of his own?

All 10-minute webisodes of "Ghost Ghirls" can now be streamed on Yahoo Screen.