It's True: The 'Baywatch' Cast Had a Weight Clause

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It's not particularly shocking that a show about hot, scantily-clad lifeguards running around the beach would require a certain look from its cast.

But God forbid if any of the stars of '90s syndicated hit "Baywatch" gained too much weight; if they had, it was revealed today, they legally could have been fired.

"Entertainment Tonight" sat down with the "Baywatch" cast at the recent Hollywood Show (a nostalgia-oriented convention), where for the first time, they admitted that they couldn't gain or lose too many pounds... or they might lose their jobs, too. 

"If you gain or lose weight, you were in trouble," star Traci Bingham (Jordan) said.

"[There] was a five-pound fluctuation — you couldn't go up or down," Nicole Eggert (Summer) elaborated.

"ET's" Brooke Anderson and special correspondent Taylor Hasselhoff also caught up with David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Gena Lee Nolin (Neely), Parker Stevenson (Craig), Erika Eleniak (Shauni), Brande Roderick (Leigh), David Chokachi (Cody) and Jaason Simmons (Logan) for the wide-ranging interview. [which did not include Pam Anderson (C.J.) or David Charvet (Matt), who couldn't make it]

In a separate interview this week, "omg! Insider" spoke with Nolin one-on-one about her time on the show and her struggles with weight in Hollywood. After she left the show, her weight started fluctuating greatly. Her doctors misdiagnosed her when a case of thyroid disease went overlooked. She's written a new book on the topic titled, "Beautiful Inside And Out — Conquering Thyroid Disease With A Healthy, Happy, Thyroid Sexy Life."

At one point, she says her weight was up to 190 pounds. "It was hard. I did a guest spot on 'Fear Factor' and I thought it would be great… but I did it and they put me in a swimsuit and people were gasping. They didn't know how to treat me and looked at me like they were almost confused."

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On a lighter note, the "Baywatch" cast also spoke with "Entertainment Tonight" about their iconic red bathing suits, and how some of them even have theirs preserved.

"I have all mine framed," Bingham admitted. "I told [Carmen Electra] about it so she did hers… and it was really cool. It's such a classic piece to put in your home. But when I auditioned for the show, I was asked to try on a suit and it was Pamela's. I didn't think it would fit, but it did. So yeah... it was pretty awkward from the beginning."

As for Nolin, she told "omg! Insider," "Yeah, I still have three or four of mine."