Is There an Emoji for Boring? 'Mindy Project' Did Not Impress This Week

Caroline Kepnes
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Priscilla (guest star Jenna Elfman) and the doctors of Schulman & Associates in "The Mindy Project"
Priscilla (guest star Jenna Elfman) and the doctors of Schulman & Associates in "The Mindy Project"

On last week's episode of "The Mindy Project", Mindy found out that Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) and Peter (Adam Pally) sent texts from her phone to her crush Cliff Gilbert (Glenn Howerton). Dr. L was in a totally justified mega-rage, so we had high hopes for a sweet payoff tonight, some awkward texts about the misunderstanding, a reaction from Danny. In an office, people talk about stuff like "Catfish" coworker drama. Mindy Kaling should know that from all those years on "The Office."

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Sadly, this week's "Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist" was easily the worst episode of the show ever. Nothing was funny. Nothing happened. The racism storyline was half-baked, cheap, and poorly executed. We will not even talk about the opening joke where Morgan got bit by a dog in the crotch. Yeah, that happened.

People exaggerate about the weather all the time. So let's revisit this "hurricane." Wink, wink.


Level 5: Watch out! Tornado? Sharknado? Mind-ado!

Level 4: Danger! Yes, that's hail out there

Level 3: Thunder sounds worse than it is (knock on wood)

Level 2: Cloudy with 50-50 chance of drama

Level 1: Smooth sailing. Happy, healthy, and totally well-adjusted!

Tamra and the Midwives in "The Mindy Project"
Tamra and the Midwives in "The Mindy Project"

Morgan apologizes to Dr. L for the "Catfish"/Cliff incident by giving her a donut. She throws it on the street. Then she eats it.

Cliff joins Mindy and Morgan in the elevator.

They talk about the weather and he talks about his date with Heather. Third floor: wasted opportunities.

Mindy directly quotes one of Cliff's sexiest texts, thus revealing that Morgan did not erase the messages as he had promised.

Mindy slips in the bathroom because the floor is wet from Tamra shaving. Mindy suggests the staff use their surplus budget to get a table at the Golden Globes. The Midwives want to hang a poster for a "black" political candidate. Mindy & Co. say, "No." Mindy tells a patient to name her baby Katniss. Um, is this episode for real this dull and scattered? Yawn.

The Midwives stage a protest outside because Danny inadvertently won over a racist blogger (Missy Pyle). Eh, feels fake.

Mindy tells the PR consultant (Jenna Elfman) that she "can't be a racist" because she's Indian. That joke is so first season of "The Office." We miss B.J. Novak.

Mindy only hooks up with white guys, so people think she's racist. But once she was with a Korean guy whose small hands made her boobs feel big. Danny has hooked up with a lot of ethnicities. Again, eh. Talking about past relationships is boring when no one from the past is, you know, a character in the show.

Mindy's work dinner with Tamra is a bust. Ray Ron tags along. Mindy tells Tamra to ditch Ray Ron because he's not a hot deadbeat that Beyoncé would sing about. Tamra leaves, mad. Mindy stays, mad because she told the restaurant it was her birthday. What else ya got, ladies?

Mindy asks Danny about all his diverse female conquests. But then...

The show goes in the wrong direction again, back to the Midwives' protest that feels fake-for-TV. Mindy sighs, "If only Olivia Pope were here." We hear ya, Doc.

Whatever. Mindy makes a speech and saves the clinic. It's lame. This whole plot is lame. You can't have a joke about a dog biting a guy in the crotch at the top of the show (oops!) and then have Dr. L all earnest talking about a mobile medical unit at the end.

The black politician tells Mindy he wants to meet up with her ... and his girlfriend, Tyra Banks. Wretched joke. If there were a hot black local politician dating Tyra Banks, Dr. L would totally know about that.

Smooth sailing in silly seas is bad news for "The Mindy Project": Agree or disagree? Sound off below!

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