Is Taylor Lautner's 'Cuckoo' Beard the Fakest TV Beard Ever?

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TVJuly 22, 2014

Look, Taylor Lautner is all grown up — he's sporting a full beard and everything in the trailer for the new season of the BBC Three comedy Cuckoo.

Uh, not really. In fact, Lautner's "beard" might win the award for Fakest Beard Ever Seen on Television. Did he go to the store and slap on one of the novelty Duck Dynasty beards?

Well, even if Lautner's facial hair is a total farce, that just adds to the hilarity of the Season 2 trailer. The Twilight star is taking over as lead of the British sitcom from Andy Samberg, who had to leave to star in Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And while Lautner has been part of comedic movies (Valentine's Day, Grown Ups 2), this is his first major starring role as the funny guy.

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Lautner has very big shoes to fill — Samberg was genius in Cuckoo, and helped make it a smash hit — but judging by the trailer, Lautner's got some comedic chops. He plays Dale, Jr., the equally New Age-mad son of Samberg's original Cuckoo. In Season 1, Ken and Lorna Thompson (Greg Davies, Helen Baxendale) were horrified when their daughter, Rachel, came back from her gap year married to a drug-taking, jobless hippie who went by the name Cuckoo.

In Season 2, his son seeks the family out after learning his father died. Junior is just as nutty as his dad, and doesn't seem to really "get" normal social behavior. When stepmother Rachel (Ester Smith) tells him that her family doesn't use the bathroom at the same time, Dale blithely replies, "Alright, I'll catch you later" — before dropping his towel. Awkward!

This really is a whole new side of Taylor Lautner!