Is Juan Pablo Galavis the Worst 'Bachelor' Ever?

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TV

When the finale of a "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" season rolls around, fans are usually excited to find out who the lead ends up with.

For Juan Pablo Galavis, however, there's a collective shrug about his choice between Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell. The buzz on Twitter is that he’s the "worst 'Bachelor' ever." The women on the show didn’t like him. Even the show’s producers are totally over him.

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"Everyone is definitely ready for Juan Pablo's season to be over. Producers felt like they were putting out fires left and right with him, starting with the gay comments," an inside source told Yahoo TV.

"He used the 'second language' excuse a lot, no one is really buying it. Two girls chose to leave in the top six. When has that ever happened before? That should be indicative of what we were working with."

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How far Juan Pablo has fallen! When he was chosen to be the "Bachelor" in August after vying for Desiree Hartsock’s heart on "The Bachelorette," his adoring public couldn’t stop gushing over his abs, his sexy accent, and his tender love for his daughter. At the "Men Tell All" taping, female audience members screamed "JUAN PABLO" so loudly, they could practically be heard in the next state.

Fast forward half a year, and he's generating comments like this:

It all began early in the season, when Juan Pablo made remarks against having a gay "Bachelor." He apologized for the derogatory comments, but they ignited a controversy that the show still hasn’t escaped.

Then he displayed hypocritical behavior — sometimes he would hold off on kissing women out of "respect" for his young daughter, Camila, while other times he would make out with one contestant in front of the others.

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The most egregious example was when he "slut-shamed" finalist Clare, who asked him to join her for a late-night swim in the ocean. The next day, he essentially blamed her for putting him in a situation that was "disrespectful" to his daughter.

And, as our source noted, two of the top six women left early by their choice. Andi Dorfman departed after a "disaster" fantasy suite date. She accused Juan Pablo of being self-absorbed and never asking her questions about herself.

The recent "Women Tell All" episode confirmed that hardly anybody seems to consider Juan Pablo a good catch. They eviscerated him for using the "language barrier" and his daughter as excuses for his conflicting, hurtful behavior.

We don’t know whether to congratulate or feel bad for whichever of the final two women, Nikki or Clare, wins... if you can even call it winning.

"The Bachelor" finale airs Monday, March 10 at 8 p.m. on ABC.