Is Angie Going to Drown on 'Under the Dome'? [Exclusive Video]

Maya Salam
Yahoo TV

Plenty of those trapped in Chester's Mill are starting to go stir-crazy on CBS's "Under the Dome," but none are quite as nuts as teenage kidnapper Junior, who has his ex-girlfriend Angie chained up in an underground shelter. While he's convinced that her personality changed the second the dome descended, he's the one who's looking like the real psycho. In this exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode "Outbreak," Angie is growing wildly desperate and may manage to make her situation even worse.

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Last week, Angie managed to occupy Junior by sending him on a mission to escape the dome by tunneling under its parameter via the town's underground passageways. (Spoiler: It was a fail.) This week, while he's away, she tries to yell for help by climbing toward a grate near the ceiling of her confines. Unfortunately, she holds on to a water pipe for support, and it bursts — which not only makes her slip and hit her head on the concrete floor, rendering her unconscious, but also causes the small room to start to fill with water. Uh-oh.

To find out if Angie makes it out of the bunker before drowning, tune in to "Under the Dome" on Monday, 7/15 at 10 PM on CBS.