Invisible Joan Rivers


"Access Hollywood Live": Along with Julia Roberts, guests on today's show included Nick Lachey and William Shatner!  And since two of my favorite shows of all time just happen to be "Newlyweds" and "Star Trek", seeing those two guys on one stage together was like a dream come true! And then things got even better when Billy cleverly nicknamed the duo "LaShatner"!

"Ellen": The clip of Ellen's interview with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black that showed up on her website was entitled "Four Comedy Geniuses on One Stage." Huh... well don't get me wrong, I love ya Ellen, and all... but either someone in your web department is gunning for a promotion, or we missed a drop-by from Invisible Joan Rivers!

"Regis and Kelly": Ladies and gentlemen, if you watched "Live" today, you witnessed Larry the Cable Guy's one (and probably only) audition to squeeze into the Regis seat. And he gave it his best shot, but before you could say "Larry the Kelly Guy", the producer pretty much gave him the "Git-R-Done" and thanked him for dropping by. They did thank him for hooking them up with free HBO, though.

"Wendy Williams": Watching Wendy and Joe Jonas act out a scene from "The Jersey Shore" was amazing! Not only was the acting so good that it brought a tear to my eye, at the same time it was also so awkward and uncomfortable I could barely sit still while watching. Come to think of it, I feel the exact same way when I watch the real "The Jersey Shore" too!

"The Doctors": Doctor, Doctor, give me the news! Well, the news is that I, Nikki Boyer was a featured on the Emmy-award winning show, "The Doctors" today! Oh, and did you know "The Doctors" cast now includes Jillian Michaels who really needs to eat a donut and stop looking so cute? Next week, I will be featured in a piece about invading people's space. I am so talented in that category; I will probably win an Emmy for it. Regional Emmy, but still!

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