They Need To Invent A Delete Button For Computers!


"Ellen": Happy birthday, Ellen! Glad you got everything you wanted for your special day, but I gotta admit, one gift made me jealous: getting "Earth Wind & Fire" to play as your house band! I wish the singer of my favorite song from prom could come serenade me on my birthday! Although, actually, that would just mean Chris DeBurgh would sing "Lady In Red" to me for 24 hours straight. That reads kind of creepy now that I've typed it out. They need to invent a delete button for computers!

"The Price is Right": I was half-expecting Kim, the kooky birthday lady from yesterday's "Today Show" who thought she was on "The Price is Right" to show up on the actual game show today. But "TPIR" tapes months in advance so that would have taken a lot of planning… not that I'd put it past her!

"Access Hollywood Live": Normally you would think that Billy Bush playing with fire is a horrible idea, because he likes to be a bit of a troublemaker. But with Bear Grylls nearly lighting himself on fire and Kit looking like she might burn the whole studio down, Billy turned out to be the safest and most professional one during the fire segment. It was really disappointing!

"Good Day LA": Today is one of those days that I hate working with all guys. Not only did I learn that the Lingerie Football League actually exists, it turns out that one of our writers has been to a live game! I could tell you more about it, but I would have to pull the guys away from watching this clip for the 50th time and that's just not happening. Darn you, slow-motion instant replay!

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