Introducing “The X Factor U.K.’s” Eddy String

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"X Factor U.K." wannabe rock star Eddy String couldn't sing his way out of a Tesco paper bag, clearly believes he is the illegitimate lovechild of Pete Doherty and Russell Brand, and is so cocky, even Gary Barlow finds him annoying.

And yet, I am obsessed with him.

Hey, what can I say? I've always had a thing for rain-thin British rocker boys who can pull off big hair and ladies' skinny jeans. I know what I like.

I seriously doubt Eddy will keep rockin' steady once he gets to "The X Factor U.K.'s" Bootcamp rounds, given his utter ability to, you know, actually sing. But he sure knows how to work a crowd like he works a pair of women's stretch skinnies. I haven't been this amused by an "X Factor U.K." audition since my beloved Jedward gave it a go in Season 6.

Check out Eddy's "X Factor U.K." debut from over the weekend. Think anyone this entertaining will try out on "The X Factor USA's" premiere this week?

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