I Have The Internet, Duh!


"GMA": Well that didn't take long! A week after "The Artist" won Best Picture, its biggest star already landed his next gig! Huh? No, not him: Uggie the Dog! According to "GMA", Uggie got a job with Nintendo, as their new spokes-dog. I heard they wanted him to be their Ninten-dog so badly, they didn't even mind when he ruined his audition by Wii-ing on the carpet.

"Live! with Kelly": Kristin Davis showed off pics of her brand new adopted baby daughter, the adorable 7-month-old Gemma Rose. Kristin Davis going totally baby-crazy? Pfft… she's such a Charlotte!

"Ellen": "What did the grape say when it was squeezed? Nothing. It just gave out a little wine!" That's just a taste (pun intended) of a new segment on Ellen's website: 'Classic Joke Monday'! You definitely should check it out, have a laugh, and send her your best one or two-liner! Wait! You can send them to me, too! I have the Internet, duh!

"Today": During the wildlife segment we found out that the pink flamingo was named Pinky, how original! And I'm not sure what the other animals were named but my guess is that the lemur is named Lee, the frog is named Froggy and the anteater is named Adam Anteater. And if those aren't their names, they really should be!

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