Instead Of Random Numbers, They Use Random Celebrities!


"The Doctors": You probably already know that I'm a regular correspondent on "The Doctors"! I have so much fun hanging out with the good docs and asking all those fun, semi-medical related questions! But it seems like I haven't been on since, like, LAST YEAR! Hey, producer Andrew Scher? Bring me back — STAT!

"Ellen": Y'know, it's weird... this is probably the 9th or 10th time that "The Jersey Shore" girls have been guests on "Ellen", but you never see them return the favor and have her on their show! Too bad, too, I think Ellen would fit in great at the Shore House. They could call her "E-Deege", or "Ell Train" or something? She'd be the neat-freak, pale one who goes to bed early! TV gold!

"Access Hollywood Live": Kris Jenner seems cool and all, but the person I really want to hang with is Kristen Kardashian! Sure it's technically the same person, but Kristen seems so carefree and fun compared to Kris! Plus, she can dance and sing (sort of). And other than her friendship with O.J. Simpson, Kristen is a woman I strive to be like!

"Live! with Kelly": Rob Lowe made a good first impression on the "Live!" crowd as a co-host. And then a second, and a third, and a fourth impression! I think his hour-long stint included imitations of Cary Grant, David Duchovny, Michael Jackson, and Siri. If he polishes up on his Regis voice, he's probably got the gig!

"The Price is Right": Wow, Snoop Dogg… Neil Patrick Harris... now Chris Daughtry! Celebrity Week on "The Price Is Right" is like a price'n'game where instead of random numbers, they use random celebrities! I can't wait to see who it's gonna be on Friday. It could be virtually anybody, but if I had to guess, I'd go with... Rachel Zoe. Or Betty White. Or Shaquille O'Neal, carrying Rachel Zoe and Betty White.

"Good Day LA": With the hula hoops, giant rubber balls and belly dancing they tried to make it look like working out can be fun. But they're not fooling me! Luckily they quickly moved from the workout segment directly into the food segment filled with tasty Mexican food and adult beverages, so I didn't turn the channel. But they nearly lost a viewer, that was a close one!

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