Ice Cream Nachos?!?!


"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Question: How great was it to see Kristin Chenoweth back up and on her feet, and back to her old chatterbox-y self on "Live!" today, just a few months after her scary accident on the set of "The Good Wife"? Answer: It was just as great as seeing Ryan Lochte lose to Michael Strahan at Strip Trivia, and have to take it all the way down to his Speedo. That was abs-olutely great TV.

"Access Hollywood Live": So, I kinda think Billy Ray Cyrus should just stick to talking about his achy breaky heart and other country music related issues, because he doesn't seem to ever say the right things about his daughter Miley. Don't get me wrong, it's mostly her fault for always wearing clothes are too revealing and shaving part of her hair off, but asking for his thoughts just ends up being uncomfortable for everyone involved! And that's something I just DO think he'll understand!

"GMA": Uhhh…"GMA" just made my G-M-DAY. Ice Cream Nachos made of soft serve vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, M&M's, Snickers pieces... and "six hand cut waffle and brownie chips, for dipping…"? Wow. TANGO FRIO y MUOY BIEN. I'll have mine with extra hot fudge sauce-a. And there's free refills, right?

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