Hurry Back, RoRo!


"GMA": Get well soon, Robin! "GMA" just isn't the same without you. Also, when you're not there, George won't have any help countering Josh and Lara's horrible puns. Hurry back, RoRo! *Mwah*

"The View": I thought it was kind of odd that Woody Harrelson was wearing flip flops during his interview, but mostly because when we saw footage of him riding his bike to the show he had shoes on! So that means he changed out of shoes and into flip-flops for an interview on national TV. But hey if the ladies don't mind his sweaty, smelly feet, than who am I to judge?

"GDLA": People are saying that this little girl's rendition of the National Anthem is the worst one ever. C'mon now, it's pretty bad but there has been way worse. I have two names for you, Rosanne Barr and Carl Lewis. Yahoo! search those two, and you'll be in for quite a treat!

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