Hurricane 'Mindy': Who Joined the Mile High Kiss Club?

Caroline Kepnes
Yahoo TV

This episode started out on a schlumpy note with Mindy holed up in her hotel room in L.A., missing Cliff, and watching "Gone With the Wind." We feel her pain; Hurricane "Mindy" goes on hiatus until April so this is a hard night all around. But by the end of the show we were shedding happy tears. It happened! Mindy and Danny kissed! They did! And the road to the kiss was paved with nuanced moments, superb acting, and Jewel.

A hurricane in the desert is a rare miracle of science. It's also funny. Wheels up!



Level 5: Watch out! Tornado? Sharknado? Mind-ado!



Level 4: Danger! Yes, that's hail out there



Level 3: Thunder sounds worse than it is (knock on wood)



Level 2: Cloudy with 50-50 chance of drama



Level 1: Smooth sailing. Happy, healthy, and totally well-adjusted!


 Mindy's drinking wine from a gas station and booking a flight to New York to win Cliff back. Danny doesn't approve of her plan because he wants her to be his wing woman while he reconnects with his estranged father (Dan Hedaya). But she wants Cliff.

 Danny wins. He offers Mindy a ride to the airport, but of course he takes her to the desert. They bicker like any feuding couple. She argues that she was lucky to have Cliff because he didn't cheat and just tried to make her eat healthy! Danny is angry because she got him seltzer water instead of tonic water. The yammering ends when a sweet young girl also named Danny Castellano greets them at Danny's dad's house. Whoa.

 Meanwhile in New York, Cliff is listening to Jewel's break-up classic "You Were Meant for Me" for two hours and Morgan and Peter are stuck in the bathroom, being forced to listen to Cliff's pity party through the vents.

 Mindy helps Danny get through dinner with Danny Girl and Danny's dad, who has turned into a stable, loving father. Dr. L and C are such a couple right now.

 Mindy is leaving (no!), Danny is wandering the desert alone drunk (no!), Cliff and Morgan and Peter are bonding, and Cliff wants Mindy back (no!).

 Phew. Mindy missed another flight and drives two hours into the desert to find AWOL Danny. Emotions are running high. Anything can happen.

 Danny gets mean, really mean. He tells Mindy that romantic comedies are wrong, that no guy who wants to be with her would ever dump her. "He dumped you," he seethes. "It's over."

 We have never seen Mindy this raw as she tells off Danny: "When I first met you I thought, wow, so handsome, how could he be single, such a catch. Then I got to know you and I realized you're mean. You are selfish just like your dad. You're worse than your dad 'cause your dad changed." Holy truth.

 Mindy tells Danny to walk twenty feet away from her, which is funny, but it also feels kind of symbolic of what just happened. Is this the end?

 Things are leveling. Mindy and Danny get trapped at an Army base where everyone knows Danny's dad because he's the local barber. Mindy's ID has her as blond, tall, and blue-eyed. She says it's "aspirational."

 The next day it's all calm at Danny Girl's soccer game. Danny is on good terms with his father and Mindy is talking One Direction with Danny Girl.

 On the flight back to New York, Mindy wants to stretch her legs but Danny tells her, "You're not going to get thrombosis. I don't care what 'The Today Show' says." Ha. Mindy has something to say to Danny, too: "You're not mean. You're great."

 But this is not great. Danny is helping Mindy write an I-Want-You-Back letter to Cliff. Everything he's saying applies way more to him and Mindy than it does to Mindy and Cliff. Mindy sends the email and even Danny has that "I just lost the girl" look on his face, we face facts. Maybe they will never kiss. Maybe Mindy will just walk over to the galley to get him a tonic for being such a good friend.

 Thank heaven for turbulence. A midair-quake gets to Danny and he's on his feet. He finds Mindy sifting through beverages. Is this it? This is it. He kisses her. She kisses him. They share a look. They kiss again.

We only have one question: Is it April 1 yet?