Hungry Hungry Hockey Player


"Today": I realized a couple of things after seeing the "Today" anchors perform in a water/acrobatic show on this morning's show. One involves spandex. One involves water. Both involve Al Roker.

"GDNY": Normally, the crazy shenanigans don't happen on this show until the third hour, but today Greg just couldn't help himself! It only took about 15 minutes, which was 7:15am New York time, for Greg to hop on a bike with his pal Rosanna and take it for a joy ride around the studio. I enjoyed it very much, but then again I wasn't tuning in for the latest traffic, weather and breaking news like all those New Yorkers. On behalf of Greg, sorry folks!

"Ellen": Wow, Carrie Underwood married Mike Fisher, a hungry hungry hockey player, and then she sprung her all-Vegan diet on him? Nothing against you, but that is a bold move, C-Undie. I mean, did you know what you were getting into with this guy? Did you know that guys named "Fisher" probably at least like to eat fish now and then? Although, I guess we don't even know if she knew his last name...

"Jeremy Kyle": For years we've seen people arguing on these talk shows and they just won't shut up. You keep hoping that the host will just walk over and tell everyone to go home, but that never happens! Until today that is, because Jeremy Kyle is amazing and he couldn't take it any more, so he just ended it. Best talk show host ever!

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