I Hung Out With Wendy Williams!


"The View": It's days like today that "The View" rises above things like Barbara talking about how cool her life is, Joy trying to fit a joke into every conversation and Sherri talking about her son again! Not that there's anything wrong with those things, in fact they're all reasons why I love this show, but there's no better thing than using your reach to do something good! So I want to thank these ladies for doing their part, but you know I can't wait to hear some more jokes from Joy on tomorrow's show!

"Wendy Williams": If you couldn't tell by my reaction, having Wendy on my couch was pretty much the greatest day of my life! On top of being charming and funny she was also incredibly nice and gracious! Plus I got to walk around all day saying to people "I hung out with Wendy Williams today, what did YOU do?" And now that my couch is officially a piece of Internet history, I'm going to start sleeping in the studio every night just so I can be close to it!

"Live! with Kelly": Kudos to Kells - not only for pulling off a live morning-after Oscar party, or for reeling in two statue-grabbers from last night - but most impressive of all, she got Jean Dujardin, aka the artist from "The Artist" to actually say something! So after all this quiet time, what did we learn? That his favorite things about LA are making right turns on red, and Cinnabon. Hmm... maybe stick to the silent roles, Jean. Your future might not be in Talkies.

"Ellen": I'm all for expressing gratitude, but holy hearing aids, that was one honkin' loud contest winner. I hope she enjoys her new car… once she folds up the airbags that popped out when she screamed out in surprise! But hey, at least she doesn't need to worry if the horn breaks!

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