House of Debauchery: Lifetime's Donatella Versace Biopic Is Hot [Video]

Caroline Kepnes
Fall TV

Cigarettes, cocaine, Gina Gershon's wig and hissy fits, and Kanye West's "I am a god" are a few of our favorite things in this glitter bomb of a preview for "House of Versace," aka the Lifetime movie to end all salacious Lifetime movies.

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The ever-game Gershon plays Donatella Versace, and she appears to be having even more fun than she did while supervamping in "Showgirls" — in which she famously made fun of a certain young dancer who mispronounced Versace. We love it when life comes full circle, don't you?

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A mere glance at Gershon in costume makes you want to take a bath and have a nap, and Gershon pretty much concurs that all that makeup is a lot of work. She told the "Yo Show" that the transformation was "tape and glue and movie magic."

The 51-year-old actress also told the New York Post that she and Donatella are very different: "Her physicality is so different from mine, the way she stands and walks and speaks. It was a good exercise in concentration for me in trying to maintain that truthfulness."

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It was also a great exercise in delivering decadent dialogue. Two bons mots from the trailer:

"If you want to put me on a leash, it better be diamond studded." Zing! "I was always crazy even before the drugs." Double zing!

We saved some bonus facts for the end. Raquel Welch plays Aunt Lucia, and we can't get enough of "Just Shoot Me" sleazy shutterbug Enrico Colantoni as Gianni. As in Versace, baby, of course.

"House of Versace" premieres Saturday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.