‘Hoarders’: Packrat + Earthquake = Death by Soiled Adult Diapers Avalanche?

The Set

Last night's season finale of A&E's "Hoarders" presented viewers with a nightmare scenario they might never have conceived on their own. That Extreme Hoarding Expert Matt Paxton was called to deal with a home in which an entire room was full of used adult diapers (and when I say "used," I mean they were USED, okay?) was not such a big deal: I would estimate that this occurs with about one in four hoarders profiled on the show. But in this case, things took an unusual turn.

While he was in the diaper-filled bathroom with hoarder Mike and her nephew Russell, discussing how it could be that she'd just never thought to throw the diapers in the garbage before there was a mountain of them, the entire house began to shake. Was it because a crew member leaned on a wall the wrong way and thus uncovered structural damage (which also happens all the time)? No. It was an earthquake. Which is weird, given that they're in Maryland, but...well, if you're on the east coast, you might remember what you were doing when it happened. I hope for your sake that you weren't cleaning up someone's poopy diapers. AolTV has the video.