In High-Dementia Television!


"Ellen": See, Rob Lowe didn't know any secret info about that Peyton Manning guy retiring... Rob, you're always repeating stuff you heard from your "Brothers and Sisters." Stop living in "Wayne's World", admit that this story came straight outta the "West Wing", and just accept the fact that when it comes to sports, you're an "Outsider" like the rest of us!

"Today": Hoda got stuck with NYC Jury Duty (no wine allowed!), so Kathie Lee filled her seat with her own 81-year-old mom, Joanie. Joanie looked a little nervous, especially when she asked KLG if they were on in "High-Dementia television". It was just like Hoda never left!

"Live! with Kelly": Okay, so it wasn't exactly McDreamy meets McSteamy... more like Mayor McCheesey meets Uncle Scrooge McDuck! But watching Dana Carvey and Ewan McGregor chat in dueling Scottish brogues was pretty hilarious... at least the six words of it that I could understand.

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy Bush might as well retire right now. Because when he compared the Kardashians to Paris Hilton as being like Nike to L.A. Gear it was the most genius, amazing, profound, hilarious and true statement he has made in his career! And I'm pretty sure there's no topping that, so he might as well hang it up. Great career, Billy!

"Wake Up with Al": Once again this show had weather people getting overly excited about severe weather happening in certain parts of the country. I mean Al was giddy like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert over what? Some snow and ice in Seattle? Get a hold of yourself Roker! And stop banging your head on the TV monitor - you might break that thing!

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