Hey Joel, Guess What?


"CBS This Morning": This show gets accused of being way more "newsy" and "serious" than the other network morning shows, so they promised to liven things up with some fun and wacky video clips! This morning's "fun and wacky" videos? A guy who almost loses an arm while taunting a crocodile with raw meat, and a Russian driver who gets flung out of his car and across the road after a three-car crash, but somehow walks away! Wow, real wacky, guys! Zany to the max! Are you available for parties?

"Ellen": Joel McHale reminisced to Ellen about the early days of "The Soup", and how he used to have to troll through hours of weird daytime TV to find funny moments to share with the world. Hey Joel, guess what? I can relate! But Cap'n McHale must be losing his touch a little bit, because today he complained about having to sit through all five hours of "The Today Show". Uh, Joel, there's only four. Believe me, I checked… every day for the last few years. But to be fair, the Hoda and KLG hour FEELS like at least two hours!

"GDLA": It's pretty surreal that this show gets the opportunity to cover the Endeavour space shuttle as it gets settled into it's new home! I love that they covered the story every five minutes, not only because of the historical significance, but also because it's giving us a break from the latest Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian news!

"The View": I'm sure that we've all been dying to know if Gwyneth Paltrow was any good at rapping and if Cameron Diaz had any beat boxing skills, and thankfully we now have the answer! Of course the answer is no. But they're famous, so you won't be able to watch a news show or scan the Internet without seeing this video today, so you might as well enjoy it!

"GDNY": The team interviewed a lady who turned 103 years old today, and she said the secret to her longevity was that she worked as a telephone operator for many years. I'm not really sure how that relates to living a long time, but we also found out that she smoked cigarettes for many years as well. So I guess we'll just chalk the whole thing up to her being one lucky old lady!

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