Henry Lizardlover And His Posing Lizards!


"Anderson": It wasn't raining cats and dogs on "Anderson" — but cats and dogs were reigning! Like the kitty who can paddle across a pool, those dyed dogs… but let's not forget about Henry Lizardlover and his posing lizards! ANIMALS!

"Ellen": Okay, I think I just heard Ellen say she passed 10 million Twitter followers... but that would be kuh-razy, so I'm not sure I heard her right. I'm sorry @EllenShow, could you retweet that? It's inspiring: @nikkiboyer already has 5,000 followers (#humblebrag), so if all you guys tell two people, and then they tell two people, and then they each tell 1,000 people, well there's your 10 million right there! So, yeah, get on that, @nikkiboyer nation, 'k? THX BAI #mathisfun #soarehashtags

"Jeremy Kyle": Whoever said to never trust a man with two first names is way wrong, because I totally trust Jeremy Kyle! But today's show was a reminder to never a trust a 50-year-old man that uses Facebook to manage his multiple relationships. Between his sneaky Facebooking and creepy text messages, this is a perfect example of someone who should be banned from technology!

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