Heeeeeere's Lucy! Did America 'Love Lucy' in Color?

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We can't decide what's crazier: seeing a colorized version of the famous "I Love Lucy" scene where Lucy (Lucille Ball) "soaks up color" in Italy by stomping on plump, purple grapes; or seeing a dad on primetime network TV casually smoke indoors.

Regardless, CBS gave a holiday gift to America (and an answer to NBC's broadcast of "It's a Wonderful Life"): two very funny colorized episodes of the classic show, the rarely-seen Christmas special and the iconic "Lucy's Italian Movie."

Ever since CBS announced their plan to give "I Love Lucy" a makeover, fans have either been adamantly supportive or downright mad about the network tampering with the beloved series. And tonight, teams from both camps came together to behold "Lucy" on the small screen — with bright red lips!

Watch a clip from the "I Love Lucy Christmas Special" right here:

The viewing experience was wild in so many different ways. We heard slang we haven't heard in a while: "masher"! We marveled at the bright green Christmas tree with just a few white light bulbs: such a contrast to Ethel's voluminous, Barney-hued frock! So much color. Oddly, the flashbacks in the Christmas episode were all in black-and-white, which is kind of weird. But anyway...

Once you adjust your eyes to Lucy's vibrant coif, you realize that what was funny in the '50s is still funny today. For example, Lucy's husband Desi (Desi Arnaz) and their besties Fred (William Frawley) and Ethel (Vivian Vance) run through the motions of what to do when pregnant Lucy starts to pop. But when a very expectant Lucy makes her entrance, they all freak out. It's a scene of slapstick greatness that feels timeless yet modern.

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Ethel grabs some mistletoe and tries to get a kiss from Fred, who wisecracks that she's "an incurable optimist." And anti-fat joke advocate Jennifer Lawrence might object, but we cracked up when Fred also zinged his wife for complaining about the seats on the train in Italy: "They're roomy enough. It's just that you're roomier." Ha.

Naturally, Twitter lit up. One guy made it a TV family affair:

Another tweeter was on Team Don't-Fix-It:

Some viewers laughed so hard they lost their vocabularies:

And many loved the jolt of holiday cheer:

A lot of people called for more "Lucy," and made new memories:

And we think this guy sums it up best:

"I Love Lucy" was comic gold, as exemplified by these episodes, and what's funny in black-and-white is definitely funny in color. And on Twitter, too. In the spirit of Lucile Ball, let's wrap things up with a tweet from a funny lady:

What was your favorite part?