Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!


Yep, happy National Hug Your Cat Day, everyone! Well, at least that's what today is, according to Ellen DeGeneres. Or, to be more specific, that's what this crazy cat lady in Ellen's audience claimed today was. But is this holiday for real? And while we're asking questions, is hugging cats really such a good idea? Looks like this lady's hobby has been a little rough on her wardrobe:

OK, so National Hug Your Cat Day may not be a real thing. (Which is probably a good thing, for you and your cat.) But hey, there are stranger holidays! According to this list of "Bizarre and Unique Holidays," we have lots of things to celebrate in May! May is

- National Bike Month,

- National Barbecue Month,

- National Hamburger Month,

- and National Salad Month.

Which makes total sense. Every time I order some barbecue and a hamburger, I always feel like I should've just ridden a bike and had a salad!

And if that doesn't toot your horn, the first Friday in May is International Tuba Day.

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