‘Happy Endings’ Exclusive Videos: Steak Me Home Tonight Commercials

Fall TV

On this week's "Happy Endings," Dave (Zachary Knighton) smiles for the camera as he tries to drum up more business for his food truck, Steak Me Home Tonight, by shooting a commercial. Of course his first attempt doesn't turn out the way he expected, and his second try -- even with directorial help from Max (Adam Pally) -- doesn't fare too well either. But we'll let you be the judge since we have both commercials right here.

"One was done by Dave himself, but Dave is terrible on camera and the results are horrible in a very specific way," says Knighton of the first commercial.

"When Max sees Dave's commercial, he convinces Dave to let him direct the commercials and the one they shoot is terrible in a very different specific way," describes Pally.

Pally pulls double director duty in this episode: once in character when Max directs the food truck commercial, then the actor gets to call the shots for guest star Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years"), who has directed an episode of the series previously. "I got to actually direct Fred's scenes this week, which was super nice of him and also super dumb of him," Pally explains. "I think I did OK, but man, what kind of maniac gives over the reins of a network television show to someone who has literally no experience -- none!" Savage will be playing himself in scenes with Elisha Cuthbert's Alex.

Which of the two Steak Me Home Tonight commercials do you like best? Let us know in the comments below and check out the food truck's official site for more Steak Me Home Tonight goodies.

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