Haley Reinhart “Frees” Herself in Sexy Debut Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Season 10 "American Idol" seductress Haley Reinhart's first music video, for "Free," has just officially premiered, and the sultry clip fits her as perfectly as the teeny pinup-girl short-shorts she rocks in many of the video's moodlit scenes.

Yes, the "Idol" coquette who vampily lounged Fabulous Baker Boys-style on a piano for "Benny & The Jets," had a wind-machine whip her golden curls during "Rhiannon," and on last week's "Idol" results show performed in a gilded birdcage ups the glamour factor even more in "Free," albeit in a tasteful and charmingly old-school way. Let Britney and Rihanna giggle and gyrate all over the screen in their fleshy, pandering videos--I'll take Haley's class over that sort of crass any day.

Haley's debut album Listen Up! comes out May 22 on Interscope, and "Free" is available on iTunes now. Judging by "Free's" sound, the album will feature a torchy, chanteuse-y, Adele-ish vibe that'll showcase Haley's smoky vocals at their sexy, purry best. Let's hope that Haley will soon Reinhart her way to the top of the charts--especially since Kris Allen's new album comes out the same day!

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