Hail To The Chef!


"GMA": Josh Elliott got a little choked up when they started talking about The Muppets. He even broke out a few bars of "The Rainbow Connection"! He still hasn't finished his investigative report about why there's so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side. Sources indicate that rainbows are visions, only illusions… but don't worry Josh. Someday we'll find it. The anchors, the producers, and meeeee!

"Rachael Ray": Hail to the chef! You'd think Rachael would get some love from bigger talk show icons for her 1,000th show. I mean, who is this Oprah character? And what about that guy Regis and some lady named Rosie? Of course, I'm kidding! In fact, I'm just really jealous. Whenever we celebrate a big milestone around here all we get is a pizza party! But I can't really complain, I love pizza. Congrats on a thousand shows Rachael, I'll have a slice just for you today!

"Ellen": Hey, did you see today's Sophia Grace + Rosie show? They had Ellen DeGeneres on as a special guest! Oh wait, hang on... it was the other way around. I guess they've just had those viral video princesses on so often lately, I got confused. (That's one of the advantages of being in morning kindergarten... more time to make afternoon talk show appearances!)

"Wake Up With Al": I totally get that mascot tryouts involve running some long distances and what not, but what about putting them to a real test? See which one can keep their composure the longest around hundreds of screaming kids pulling at them and demanding their attention. I mean I can barely hold it together trying to entertain two kids let alone hundreds more. Being a mascot must be really tough!

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