"Today": Matt Damon said that Michael Douglas is a good kisser! Matt Damon said that, not Catherine Zeta-Jones! But I'm guessing she agrees?

"Good Day New York": So let me get this straight, Dave Price had a baby two days ago, yet he was working this morning - and Rosanna had the day off? That seems messed up! At least Kevin Nealon was there to make everyone laugh, and by everyone, I mean Rosanna's fill-in Anna, who had a major case of the giggles! Kevin is funny, but laughing at literally everything he says is going a bit overboard!

"Wake Up with Al": I've decided that Al and Stephanie need to have recess during their show! Maybe taking a break and heading outside for a game of tag or four square would be a good way to blow off some steam and get it out of their system. So when they're on the air they can focus on just doing the weather!

"Ellen": Hugh Jackman went on and on to Ellen today about his love of jigsaw puzzles, and how they're his favorite hobby, and how quickly he can put them together. I don't have any jigsaw puzzle related humor, but I can tell you that you can rearrange the letters in HUGH JACKMAN to read HAG JAM CHUNK or HANK JAM CHUG. Have a great weekend!

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