Grouches to the Oscars


Live! with Kelly and Michael”: Rumor has it that Josh Groban was one of the final runners-up in the "co-host with Kelly" gig that went to Michael Strahan. And while I love Mike, I wonder if Kelly and Josh would've been so bad? I mean, he's likable, and cute in a scruffy sort of way. He's kind of funny, and he can sing. It'd be like co-hosting a show with Opera Man!

Today”: KLG and Hoda got a fit of the giggles today over the big hoopla over the Grammy’s banning attendees from showing too much skin. I guess hearing words like “sideboob”, “bare fleshy undercurves” and “visible puffy bare skin exposure” was too much for the ladies! What is this, elementary sch—hahahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Ellen”: I always look forward to Ellen's annual "Grammies Sing the Grammys" segments. Old ladies breaking off some Kanye lyrics is never not funny. But why stop there, Ellen? Why not send some Grouches to the Oscars? Drivers of Semis At The Emmys? CPAs sing the CMAs? At least send Pamela Anderson and Charo to the SAG Awards...

The View”: Kris Jenner is getting some practice in for her upcoming talk show by guest hosting! And if she knows anything about ratings it would be in her best interest to include her daughters on her new show as much as possible! And what better way to prepare for that than interviewing Kendall and Kylie Jenner today. Some might call it nepotism, I call it just plain genius!

Anderson Live”: Actress Allison Williams, daughter of NBC newsman Brian Williams, was on the show and she talked about viewing every episode of her hit show "Girls" with her parents. Apparently watching her sex scenes is kind of awkward and uncomfortable, weird. Here's a thought, don't watch your sex scenes with your parents!

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