Grant Shaud From ‘Murphy Brown’ is Suddenly Everywhere

The Set

Suddenly Everywhere: Grant Shaud.

You Might Know Him From: The popular '80s and '90s workplace sitcom "Murphy Brown," where from 1988 - 1996 he played Murphy Brown's (Candice Bergen's) young boss, Miles Silverberg.

First Location Of His Recent Campaign To Be Suddenly Everywhere: Two weeks ago, he played studio executive Eddie Faye, who oversaw the writer's room in the "Halloween/Ellie" episode of "Louie."

Latest Location Of His Recent Campaign To Be Suddenly Everywhere: Sunday night, Shaud appeared on TV's other critically-acclaimed summer comedy, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," where he played Larry's friend Henry Horn, who accuses Larry of taking advantage of his racist father in a game of Scrabble. (Long story.)

Where We Propose He Could Next Be Suddenly Everywhere: If Shaud wants to continue his streak of guest appearances on shows popular with comedy nerds, he could head over to "Bored to Death," the domain of another of Sunday's "Curb" guest-stars, Jonathan Ames, or join yet another of Sunday's "Curb" guest-stars, Cheyenne Jackson, on "30 Rock." (Sunday's "Curb" had a lot of guests. I haven't even mentioned Aida Turturro or Wanda Sykes.) And if he's ready for a big TV comeback, the most obvious ridiculous suggestion is a "Murphy Brown" spinoff that catches up with Miles Silverberg, whose path in life has led him in a direction that allows for a punny title: "Miles From Home," a fish-out-of-water series about Miles Silverberg leaving the TV news business to join the Peace Corps in a developing country, or "Miles, To Go," a show that finds Miles, having been kicked out of the TV news business, managing a fast-food restaurant in the same bumbling way he managed the "FYI" newsroom. Or "Miles Long," a "Hung" ripoff, only with an older Miles Silverberg. The series should be made for the pun-title opportunities alone, and even though a lot of shows have tried the "Miles" pun, maybe this will be the one that sticks. Jump on this, Hollywood, while '90s nostalgia is still having a moment!

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[Photo by Will Ragozzino/Getty Images]