Granny Is My Wingman


"Wake Up with Al": I'm not gonna lie, I got a few angry emails when we used a USPS box on the show during the the Fed Ex delivery debacle a few weeks ago. But it turns out when it comes to things like UPS and USPS I've got ESP, so take that angry emailers! Now you'll just have to go back to criticizing me for being way too cute, funny and adorable!

"Good Morning America": "GMA" had an author on today who brought her Grandmother along for the interview. Weird? Maybe. Inappropriate? Well not when your book of online dating tips is called "Granny Is My Wingman". Once you pick that title, Gran pretty much has to go with you everywhere, right? Personally, I think it's a brilliant strategy. Scope out the restaurant, if that guy's a schmoe who totally fudged his photo in the online profile? Send in Gram-Gram!

"Ellen": Ellen's really been rounding up the Viral Video stars lately. Today she had Dancin' Aunt Carol and the Sad Packer Fan! Maybe next week we'll find out what happened after Charlie bit his brother's finger, or whether that Panda ever stopped sneezing.

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