Grace And Loren’s Style Choices

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May 17, 2013

Photo from NPPA Images.
Photo from NPPA Images.

Grace Poe and Loren Legarda are currently in the top 12 of the ‘Magic 12’ in the senate race.  Neck and neck, and with amazing credentials (look at Purple Thumb for Grace Poe and Loren Legarda’s profile), the two senators-elect have, surprisingly, similar style choices.

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White is the color of choice for these two, even at the time they were campaigning.
Grace Poe always sticks to items that are easy to wear. “Usually just a white shirt, folded sleeves, jeans, and wedges or tennis shoes. That’s it,” she says explaining her fashion choices. For Grace, wearing white is like a canvas in which she can add colors to it. “My color is really yellow and blue. Blue is the color that FPJ used. Yellow because it is the symbol of the sun and it is the symbol of new hope for our country,” she explains.

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Photo from NPPA Images
Photo from NPPA Images

Loren Legarda is also one to sport minimalism when it comes to style. Denim jeans and flats are the few pieces she sticks to as well as white tops. “I’ve been like this since ’98. Ako si ‘white shirt.’ Matipid! Everyday puti, malay ba nila kung nag-uulit ka. Palagi pa presko, komportable at maaliwalas. Pang limang kampanya ko na at puti pa rin,” she says.

Looks like great minds think alike.

Photo from NPPA Images.

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