A Good Smart Dolphin Lawyer!


"Today": Some people around the DiNT offices (read: boys) found the Australian Hangover Penguin-napping story funny, but I gotta say, what about poor Dirk the penguin?!? He almost got thrown into shark-infested waters when the morons who stole him from Sydney Sea World tried to hide the penguevidence! I hope you get a good smart dolphin lawyer, and sue them for all the fish in the sea, Dirky.

"Ellen": Normally, when you follow someone on Twitter, you don't also have to follow them in real life. But a "lucky" Ellen fan got to do just that today, when Ellen picked her from the pack of her millions of online pals, and made the poor girl follow her around for the entire day. Tweet-up! Although it was weird how every time Ellen turned around to say something to her, she first looked right in her eyes and said: "Direct Message..."

"Good Day New York": I'm sure Greg never thought calling Rosanna a cougar would result in a 20-minute discussion where he had to apologize profusely! So hopefully he learned the important lesson to never take the show to cougar town! And no I'm not talking about the hilarious Courtney Cox show "Cougar Town", which is actually a highly underrated show and has nothing to do with cougars!

"Wake Up with Al": Normally, I'm pretty disappointed when they don't do a Friday dance party on this show, but they did have a Heimlich maneuver so that totally made up for it! But if you're still craving a Friday dance party, just check out my Facebook page and you'll be satisfied!

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