'Goldbergs' Star and 'X Factor' Alum Hayley Orrantia Hits Us With Her Best Shot

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Hayley Orrantia has come a long way since performing live for nonjudgmental Simon Cowell on the first season of "The X Factor." She's been working her comedic chops in ABC's '80s throwback hit "The Goldbergs," in which she plays "2 cool 4 school" Erica Goldberg. And Tuesday night's episode "Kara-te" was especially rad, because Erica brought down the school talent show with her cover of Pat Benatar's '80s classic, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

And fans loved it. Hayley's Twitter account lit up with praise. @Nordique1972 wrote:

And @mikeschaeff made a clever observation:‪

Good point, Mike.‬

We talked to Hayley about combining her two loves, singing and acting. She was all smiles and called the experience "great." Bonus: Hayley is a "Mean Girls" superfan, and Tim Meadows was a guest star. Did she, like, totally freak out? Find out below!

Performing live on "The X Factor" must be so different from singing on "The Goldbergs."

It's very different performing on "X Factor." "X Factor" is live, and although we recorded the singing and the sound live for ["The Goldbergs,"] we had multiple takes and different angles vs. onstage, where you get one shot. And not to mention you're competing on "X Factor." It's very different, and I'm happy to combine my love for music with this show.

Was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" your song selection?

I got to have a little bit of say, but it definitely was up to the show. But I do love that song. So I was happy I got to sing it.

Your Twitter fans really want more music. If Erica sings again, what song would you want to cover?

Since it's the '80s it would have to be from this time period, and I really love "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" because Whitney Houston was one of my music idols growing up. And it's a really fun video.

How about Tim Meadows as a guest star? That must have been fun.

It was awesome. You know the movie I best remember him from is "Mean Girls" because my generation [was] so addicted to that movie. When I found out he was working on the show I was so excited.

That Lexi, she was a classic mean girl. Did you deal with girls like that?

I did. I definitely knew some girls like that. I tried to stay away from them. But of course they'll always have their opinions and they'll always be there, but it's so funny because now that I've been out of high school, I've been able to look back and realize how completely insignificant the entire drama of it all could be.

One of our favorite Erica lines was when she says that talent shows are "social suicide." Do you agree?

Absolutely. ... I did a few growing up in middle school, and in high school I don't think I ever participated because it was a little bit of ... the talent show. Looking back on my middle school performances, I had a long way to go.

What songs did you perform back in the day?

There's one on YouTube my parents are trying to get me to post all over the Internet, even though I am so embarrassed by it: "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. And there's another one, "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis.

What else is coming up for Erica this season?

Good characters are always just building. You'll get to see all different sides of her, how she kind of became the way she is now, a little stubborn and trying so hard to be popular. There's a whole storyline behind that. I feel like by the end of the first season you're going to get to see a lot of layers.