Gnitirw Sdrow Sdrawkcab!


"Today": Today's "Today" had a story about a 15-year-old teen who's already climbed SEVEN of the world's highest mountain peaks! That reminds me of my greatest achievement at age 15: remembering my locker combination!

"San Diego Living": I haven't been fake-hypnotized since high school post-prom, but from what I remember I was way more believable than the girl on this show. Although I have to give her credit because acting like someone is invisible seems way harder than acting like the person next to you smells really bad. Plus the bad smell thing was the highlight of my acting career!

"The Price is Right": Neil Patrick Harris spent all day on "The Price Is Right", helping contestants with their bids and raising money for charity. Hey, maybe that's how that guy met those kids' mother! At the Showcase Showdown! ("Well, kids, I was just about to spin the big wheel...")

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm surprised nobody recognized the fact that Arsenio Hall was fist pumping way back before "The Jersey Shore" boys ever touched hair gel or had a spray tan. But it's probably because Arsenio is ashamed that his once elegant move is now the laughing stock of cable TV. And the "Shore" boys are probably embarrassed that they will never fist pump as good as the master!

"Live! with Kelly": Terrence Howard showed Kelly his super-secret hidden talent: gnitirw sdrow sdrawkcab! And that's not all - he can do it with EITHER hand! Wow, I had no idea he was amphibious.

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