The ‘Glee’ Spinoffs We Want to See

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We have a few ideas for the "Glee" cast (Chris Cuffaro, Miranda Penn Turin and Joe Viles/FOX)
We have a few ideas for the "Glee" cast (Chris Cuffaro, Miranda Penn Turin and Joe Viles/FOX)

Amid a whole lot of "Glee"-related drama, Ryan Murphy recently revealed his master plan to create a post-graduation spinoff starring Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer.

However, it appears that the idea has been shelved, which, frankly, we're happy to hear — and not just because we remember what happened with "Saved by the Bell: The College Years," but because we have way better spinoff ideas for Murphy to tackle.

"The CorCor Cobana"
Fix Shelby Corcoran's dropped storyline by giving her a dramedy series all about raising an adopted child. We'd love to see the legal process behind taking an unwanted baby from the hospital, and we're also down to hear Idina Menzel sing lullabies.

"That's Sandy!"
As one of the most cartoonish characters on "Glee," Sandy Ryerson could easily have a sitcom dedicated to him and his perviness. And need we remind you that the Pink Dagger is also a drug dealer? All we need now is a laugh track.

"The Beauty and the Beiste"
Tired of Sue Sylvester's antics and still high off of that kiss from Will Schuester, Coach Beiste leaves McKinley to open up a school devoted to the education and empowerment of female athletes. No one there ever thinks of her to hold back sexual urges, and she eventually meets the person of her dreams.

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"Fondue for Two"
We demand that Brittany S. Pierce's Web show gets its own spinoff daytime talk show. Lord Tubbington probably read enough entries from Brittany's diary that he could write the damn thing himself.

"The Long and Winding Rhodes"
We love April Rhodes. She's hilarious and nutty, and she actually has a career on Broadway (thanks to the success of her all-white performance of "The Wiz"). A mockumentary series devoted to the making of her biopic musical would have us hooked.

"Jane Addams Academy"
Forget New Directions: What we want to see is every gritty detail that goes down at the school for female juvenile delinquents. We could see the challenges Grace Hitchens faces when shaping these ladies from tough chicks into Proud Marys.

"Trouty Life"
Let's have Chord Overstreet reprise his role of Sam Evans — only this time, instead of going the comedy route, create a heart-wrenching drama about a homeless, working-class family whose only chance for ever turning around their luck around is for their talented son to earn a living as a musician.

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"Carl Howell, DDM"
Dr. Carl is a great guy, smokin' hot (at least that's what the kids say), and has the power to help people live with their anxiety disorders. In this medical drama, we'll meet all sorts of characters, especially if the majority of them come in for procedures that require Carl's glorious nitrous oxide.

"Star Power with Jesse St. James"
Every week, the former Vocal Adrenaline frontman will visit a struggling glee club and teach them how to make it to the top — by any means necessary. The guy even has experience helping choirs prepare for Nationals.

"Mike Chang's Abs"
Yes, we are proposing you give an entire spinoff to Harry Shum Jr.'s abs. He can dance and stuff, too, or something.

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