The New ‘Glee Project’ Movie Trailer Needs To Be A Real Movie

Lyndsey Parker
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Next Tuesday on "The Glee Project," the final five will face perhaps their most challenging challenge yet: "Actability." And judging by the music video from the episode--which is really a fake movie trailer for a coming-of-age film called Perfect, soundtracked by the cast singing the Pink song of the same title--all five contestants pass the test with flying colors. Like, they seriously all need to win Emmys NOW. Or Oscars.

The trailer casts the show's two remaining male contestants, friendly rivals Blake and Michael, in a small-town love triangle with Aylin--and all three are so riveting, when the clip ended I was literally shouting at my computer monitor, frustrated that I didn't get to find out what happened next and which boy Aylin chose. I have often wondered why Michael (the only contestant of these five to never win a homework assignment or be called back first) has survived on "The Glee Project" longer than undeniably stronger performers like Charlie, Shanna, and Nellie...but I think I get it now. Ryan Murphy probably wants an actor who sings, not a singer who also happens to act--and the serious acting chops that Michael briefly exhibited earlier this season in the emotional "Everybody Hurts" music video are on full display here. I am impressed. Additionally, Aylin--who gave a rather unconvincing performance portraying Shanna's lesbian love interest in this week's "Romanticality" challenge, and as a result landed in the bottom three--totally redeems herself here and proves she can really act onscreen.

The mini-movie's other storyline focuses on best friends Ali and Lily. Ali, who has used a wheelchair in real life since she was age 2, plays a onetime competitive athlete who was paralyzed in some sort of mysterious accident caused by a very guilt-ridden Lily. Both girls deliver goosebump-raising, believable performances, and the once-unlikable Lily continues to show off her softer side (which we refreshingly saw in this week's "We Found Love" music video) and establish herself as a frontrunner.

I honestly do not know HOW Ryan Murphy will decide which of these five amazing kids to eliminate next week; he really, really needs to cast all of them on the next season of "Glee." And Perfect needs to be a real movie, too. I'll get a Kickstarter campaign going now.

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