‘Glee Project’ Castoffs Nellie & Dani Shoot Their Own “We Found Love” Video

Lyndsey Parker
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In the music video challenge for this week's "Romanticality" theme, the remaining "Glee Project" finalists get all lovey-dovey singing Rihanna's "We Found Love." But two early favorites from this season, Dani Shay and Nellie Vietenheimer, will sadly not be among those contestants. I would've particularly liked to have seen Nellie tackle this challenge, considering the palpable romantic onscreen chemistry she shared in the past with fellow cast member Blake, who is still on the show.

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However, that didn't stop Nellie and Dani from joining forces this week to shoot their own acoustic version of RiRi's romantic hit. Compare and contrast Dani and Nellie's lo-fi rendition with Blake, Lily, Shanna, Ali, Michael, and Aylin's official "Glee Project" version, which airs Tuesday night. Who sang it best?

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