"Today": If you're South Korean pop star PSY right now, my guess is that you're currently pretty PSY-ched. You came up with the biggest hit record, music video, and dance craze of 2012, causing everyone and their granny to shout "Oppa Gangnam Style!" (even if they have no idea why.) You just took the U.S. by storm, performed live outside of 30 Rock for a huge mess of fans, and while you were in the green room? Oh yeah, you just signed with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. NBD.

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Gather 'round, kids, for today's lesson: just about everything that's beautiful and unique was once considered scary and strange. That advice comes from Tyra Banks, who told Kelly and Michael that sandwiched in between spending her youth as a "cute, chubby kid" and growing into a svelte, stunning supermodel. 11-year-old Tyra grew three inches and lost 30 pounds in one year… leaving her with a frame so gawky, and a forehead so big, that one doctor even diagnosed her with "Gigantism". Sigh… just like Ken Griffey Jr. on "The Simpsons"...

"Wake Up with Al": What the heck happened to dance party Fridays?! There's no hurricanes or major flooding or tornadoes happening right now, so what's stopping them? Don't they know that they inspired a viral sensation of dance party Friday's all around the globe, or at least all around our office? I demand they bring it back. In the meantime you can find me on Facebook and enjoy my dance party Friday!

"The View": I'm guessing the ladies weren't planning on keeping Richard Gere around for two long segments. But after he came out and sat on an audience member's lap, he said he was hoping to just play around with the audience for a few minutes and then get out of there. Nice try Richard, comments like that will earn you a really long discussion about every movie you've ever made!

"GDNY": If you watched this show and wondered why Dave was blowing on a ram's horn, then you are asking the wrong question! The real question to ask would be why didn't Dave blow on that thing any longer? It was only like 15 seconds of blowing, and he didn't even appear to be that close to passing out. Plus the shade of purple he turned could have definitely been more purpler!

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