Getting his hyphen replaced


Today”: Wow, can you believe the guy who played Mr. Belding was available for an early morning cameo? Good thing, because nobody else could make it! Mario Lopez was already Slatered to appear on his own show in LA, talks with Dustin Diamond screeched to a halt over M&M’s in his dressing room, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar was at the doctor getting his hyphen replaced! So thanks for repping Bayside, Mr. B! Go Tigers!

Wendy Williams”: At different points today Wendy cried and danced on the show, but neither one was related to the fake Oscar speech she gave! And speaking of that speech, she did something that I really hope to see at the real Oscars this year, she pulled her notes out of her wig! You never know, maybe Anne Hathaway will wear a wig to cover up that short hair!

Wake Up with Al”: Thanks to Yahoo! search I learned that National Weatherperson's Day is a real thing, and not something made up by Al! Apparently it commemorates the birth of John Jeffries in 1744, who was one of America's first weather observers, yawn. Sadly I couldn't find a weatherperson to hug, so instead I hugged my umbrella!

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