A German Shepard Riding A Parrot


"Ellen": Wait a minute! A viral vidoe of a cute little girl doing an impression of Nikki Minaj gets seven MILLION hits, but a clip of my biggest fan doing her best Nikki Boyer impression only gets  SEVEN TOTAL hits? That doesn't seem right! I mean sure, my biggest fan is my Great Dane, Gert, who makes Astro from the Jetsons sound like Colin Firth, and she barely knows how to run a camera or use editing software. But still, an 'A' for effort, am I right?

"Wake Up With Al": The only thing cooler than a parrot riding a German Shepard would be a German Shepard riding a parrot!

"GMA": Yahoo! and "GMA" rolled out an exclusive world premiere this morning, of a new music video from the dream team of Luciana, and Betty White! It's called "I'm Still Hot", and it shows off the steamy side that you never knew that Golden Girl had! Oh, what must the folks in St. Olaf be saying about Rose Nyland! You can watch the video here.

"The View": You often hear that the show that goes on behind the scenes is often better than the show that happens in front of the camera. But in the case of my show that is not true at all, we keep things very proper and professional. I would never dream of playing any practical jokes on my co-workers or having a good laugh at their expense, nor do I ever mess up and use blue language and have to re-shoot something. I'm lying of course, we have more fun around here than anyone could ever imagine!

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